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Texas Was Once The New Philippines

In A Nutshell We could have been calling Texans “New Filipinos.” For much of its history, the state was called “Nuevas Filipinas” by the Spanish colonists. The name, however, lost popularity by the early 1800s in favor of its modern name, which doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. The Whole Bushel The Spaniards under Alonso de Pineda first sighted the Texas coastline as they explored the Caribbean area. The 1689 expedition of Alonso de Leon and Damian Massanet met some natives who called themselves thecas or “friends.” In his report about meeting their chief, Massanet referred to him as the “governor” of the “great kingdom of the Texas.” Thus, official Spanish documents initially applied the name “Texas” to various native tribes, not a geographic location. Only later did it come to refer to the area north of Rio Grande and east of New Mexico. The state motto “Friendship” alludes to the origin of the name. The early Spanish attempts to settle Texas and Christianize the natives were fail…

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