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A Treatise For Spanish

Rosalinda L. Orosa Spanish is indispensable in unraveling our history, literature, culture and identity, in strengthening our economy through increased trade with Latin America, and in forging ahead for our very survival when Spanish will be a universal language.

Past Philippine presidents fervently espoused the preservation and promotion of Spanish. Here is what they wrote (translation supplied)

Manuel L. Quezon: Spanish is what links us to the Hispanic countries. We should have the prudence and patriotism to conserve it not because we would be good Filipinos if we loved Spain but because to be good Filipinos we should love everything that serves to strengthen the Philippines and assure its independence and tranquility.

Diosdado Macapagal: In my judgement, it is not necessary to stress keeping Spanish alive and fecund for the present and future of our culture and international life, which language forms, in no small measure, an integral part of the sacrosanct legacy of our forbears. The…

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