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Major Update on Pocket Quiz:
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1.) Mini-battle system integrated into the Quiz game. 

2.) Character selection

3.) Micro-level integration 

4.) Character Buffs

5.) Enhanced animation

6.) Achievements integration

Pocket Quiz on Nearing Phase Alpha

After months of working on the programming and graphical side of app development. I am finally near the end of the tunnel after a seemingly endless cycle of testing. There are a few more tweaks that I will be adding very soon and will be updating it once again in the play store.

Application Description: 
Battle monsters and have fun quizzing about various topics. The app includes 10 categories and  500+ questions which are frequently updated.

Categories include:
1.) Animals 2.) Filipino Riddles 3.) Food 4.) Music 5.) Old Grandpa Jokes 6.) Philippine Trivia 7.) Quotes 8.) Riddles 9.) Spanish 10.) Random Trivia 11.) Vocabulary


1.) Global-Ranking
2.) New categories and questions every month
3.) Monster mode. 
4.) Power-ups
5.) Buffs
6.) Free coins

Private Policy

Game Testers:

Anson Ang
Danica Joy Corpuz
Emily Tagium
John Dendron Corpuz
Raquel Ballesteros
Yael Tagium

pipo pop up
CGA Creative Game Assets:
Royalty Free Sound Effects:

Technical Consultants:
Jose Medina
Willian from PG Brazil


Pocket Quiz

Pocket Quiz
A fun quiz game on the go with over 10 categories and frequently updated 400+ questions.

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